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Kenneth A Dawson
Valentina Castagnola
Ester Polo
Luca Boselli



physicochemical properties nanoparticle liver size kidney class nanoparticles molecular

Regimes of Biomolecular Ultrasmall Nanoparticle Interactions. (2017)

Abstract Ultrasmall nanoparticles (USNPs), usually defined as NPs with core in the size range 1-3 nm, are a class of nanomaterials which show unique physicochemical properties, often different from larger NPs of the same material. Moreover, there are also indications that USNPs might have distinct properties in their biological interactions. For example, recent in vivo experiments suggest that some USNPs escape the liver, spleen, and kidney, in contrast to larger NPs that are strongly accumulated in the liver. Here, we present a simple approach to study the biomolecular interactions at the USNPs bio-nanointerface, opening up the possibility to systematically link these observations to microscopic molecular principles.
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Kenneth A Dawson, Valentina Castagnola, Ester Polo, Luca Boselli

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