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F.J. Monahan
R I Richardson
M. McGee
E. G. O'Riordan
A. P. Moloney
G B Mezgebo


Agriculture & Food Science

beef production fat content grass silage influence beef quality composition intramuscular fat quality systems

Comparison of organoleptic quality and composition of beef from suckler bulls from different production systems. (2016)

Abstract Bull beef production is traditionally based on high concentrate rations fed indoors. Inclusion of grazed grass, which is generally a cheaper feed, would decrease the cost of bull beef production, but may affect beef quality. Accordingly, the organoleptic quality and composition of beef from continental-sired suckler bulls (n=126) assigned to either ad libitum concentrates to slaughter (C), grass silage (GS) ad libitum for 120 days followed by C (GSC) or GS followed by 100 days at pasture and then C (GSPC) and slaughtered at target carcass weights (CW) of 360, 410 or 460 kg was examined. Tenderness, flavour liking and overall liking were lower (P<0.05) for GSPC than for C and GSC. Intramuscular fat content and soluble collagen proportion were lower (P<0.05) for GSPC than GSC which was lower (P<0.05) than C. Soluble collagen proportion was lower (P<0.05) for 460 kg than 410 kg CW, which was lower (P<0.05) than 360 kg CW. Inclusion of a grazing period decreased the ratings of tenderness, flavour liking and overall liking, but age of the bulls at slaughter had no clear influence on sensory characteristics.
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F.J. Monahan, R I Richardson, M. McGee, E. G. O'Riordan, A. P. Moloney, G B Mezgebo

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