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Basil Elnazir
Peter Greally
Emma Kilbride
Conor P Kerley



anti inflammatory male nitric oxide nitrate lung consumption chronic cystic fibrosis

Dietary Nitrate Acutely and Markedly Increased Exhaled Nitric Oxide in a Cystic Fibrosis Case. (2016)

Abstract Airway nitric oxide (NO) is a ubiquitous signaling molecule with bronchoprotective, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective roles. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a chronic lung condition associated with deceased exhaled NO. Strategies to increase exhaled NO in CF have yielded inconsistent results. A potential new method of increasing systemic NO involves ingestion of dietary, inorganic nitrate which is reduced to nitrite and NO. We present the case of a 12 year-old, athletic male with CF who demonstrated acute but marked increases in exhaled NO following dietary nitrate consumption compared to placebo.
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Basil Elnazir, Peter Greally, Emma Kilbride, Conor P Kerley

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