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John A Belperio
Robert Elashoff
Joseph P Lynch
Jane C Deng
Michael C Fishbein
Robert M Strieter
Michael P Keane
Ariss Derhovanessian
Ying Ying Xue
Stephen S Weigt
and 2 others



enzyme linked immunosorbent assay chemokine ccl2 chemokines cc bronchoalveolar lavage fluid observational study immune response mast cells sarcoidosis pulmonary

Immune response CC chemokines CCL2 and CCL5 are associated with pulmonary sarcoidosis. (2011)

Abstract Pulmonary sarcoidosis involves an intense leukocyte infiltration of the lung with the formation of non-necrotizing granulomas. CC chemokines (chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 2 (CCL2)-CCL5) are chemoattractants of mononuclear cells and act through seven transmembrane G-coupled receptors. Previous studies have demonstrated conflicting results with regard to the associations of these chemokines with sarcoidosis. In an effort to clarify previous discrepancies, we performed the largest observational study to date of CC chemokines in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) from patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis. BALF chemokine levels from 72 patients affected by pulmonary sarcoidosis were analyzed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and compared to 8 healthy volunteers. BALF CCL3 and CCL4 levels from pulmonary sarcoidosis patients were not increased compared to controls. However, CCL2 and CCL5 levels were elevated, and subgroup analysis showed higher levels of both chemokines in all stages of pulmonary sarcoidosis. CCL2, CCL5, CC chemokine receptor type 1 (CCR1), CCR2 and CCR3 were expressed from mononuclear cells forming the lung granulomas, while CCR5 was only found on mast cells. These data suggest that CCL2 and CCL5 are important mediators in recruiting CCR1, CCR2, and CCR3 expressing mononuclear cells as well as CCR5-expressing mast cells during all stages of pulmonary sarcoidosis.
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John A Belperio, Robert Elashoff, Joseph P Lynch, Jane C Deng, Michael C Fishbein, Robert M Strieter, Michael P Keane, Ariss Derhovanessian, Ying Ying Xue, Stephen S Weigt and 2 others

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