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David Murphy


Physiotherapy & Sport

psychology motor imagery performance enhancement standard deviation behaviour therapy experimental soccer

A quasi-experimental investigation into the efficacy of rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) in the enhancement of soccer performance (2017)

Abstract Aims: The current research sought to examine the efficacy of rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) in improving soccer performance, reducing irrational beliefs, promoting rational beliefs, and reducing pre-performance anxiety; in comparison to a conventional sports psychological intervention (i.e. motor imagery). Method: Participants were 16 (N =16) undergraduate students. The sample was comprised of 15 males and 1 female, who ranged in age from 18 to 31 years, mean age (M) = 20.94 and standard deviation (SD) = 3.09. Participants were conveniently sampled and randomly assigned to either one of two REBT (n = 5) and (n = 5) groups, or a motor imagery (n = 6) group. Irrational and rational beliefs were measured using the Sports-Related Beliefs Scale (SRBS). Anxiety was measured using the Visual Analogue Scale-Anxiety (VAS-A): With sports performance being quantified using penalty kick conversion averages. Results: REBT intervention was shown to have a non-significant counter-effect on performance. There was a large significant effect (η2 = .42) observed in the reduction of anxiety from pre (M = 2.10, SD 2.29) to post (M = .75, SD .80) REBT intervention. This reduction remained significant when compared to the motor imagery intervention, F(1, 13) = 5.23, p < .05, partial eta squared = .28. Although not significant, there was a large effect (η2 = .18) observed in the reduction of irrational demanding beliefs from pre to post-intervention Conclusion: Short-term application of REBT may be a successful method of reducing irrational demands for success and anxiety. However, the application of REBT to athletes displaying low-levels of anxiety may inhibit performance.
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