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Ruth M Hamill
Joseph P Kerry
Mark A. E. Auty
Yingqun Nian
Carolina Gómez
Cristina Botinestean



older people meat meat texture meat products shear force proteolytic enzymes impaired mastication bromelain beef papain tenderization older adults older consumers

Possibilities for developing texture-modified beef steaks suitable for older consumers using fruit-derived proteolytic enzymes (2017)

Abstract Meat intakes in the older population are commonly reduced because the relatively tough texture of meat can impair mastication. Fruit-derived proteolytic enzymes have been reported to have beneficial effects on tenderness, by causing significant degradation of myofibrillar proteins and collagen. Three treatments including: papain, bromelain and a 50:50 mixture of papain/bromelain, alongside one control were applied to beef M. semitendinosus steaks. Effects on Warner - Bratzler shear force, texture parameters, color, and cook loss were determined. Both enzymatic treatments that included papain significantly reduced WBSF values (P<0.05) and increased cook loss. Beef steaks tenderized with papain and papain/bromelain offer potential for inclusion in older consumers' diets, but improvement in tenderization may be associated with a reduction in processing yield.
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Ruth M Hamill, Joseph P Kerry, Mark A. E. Auty, Yingqun Nian, Carolina Gómez, Cristina Botinestean

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