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James A. O'Mahony
Alan L Kelly
Kamil P. Drapala
Jonathan J. O'Sullivan


Agriculture & Food Science

milk protein high solids emulsions pressure drop refined palm oil maltodextrin milk fat skim milk concentrate high shear inline mixer

The use of inline high-shear rotor-stator mixing for preparation of high-solids milk-protein-stabilised oil-in-water emulsions with different protein:fat ratios (2017)

Abstract The emulsification of refined palm oil (RPO) in a continuous phase consisting of skim milk concentrate (SMC) and maltodextrin with a dextrose equivalent value of 17 (MD17) to produce fat-filled milk emulsions (FFMEs), was studied. A novel inline high-shear mixing (IHSM) method was used to produce emulsions, and three protein contents were investigated at a fixed RPO content of 12%: low (7.7%), medium (10.5%) and high (13%). Pressure drop measurement was used as an inline approach to determine viscosity using the Hagen-Poiseuille equation. In addition, offline viscometry, particle size and emulsion stability analyses were performed. Emulsion fat droplet size decreased significantly (P < 0.05) as a function of number of passes through the IHSM, due to an effective increase in residence time. Furthermore, inline pressure drop data demonstrated that the emulsification process displayed two distinct stages: (i) oil injection, and (ii) reduction in fat droplet size, irrespective of protein content.
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James A. O'Mahony, Alan L Kelly, Kamil P. Drapala, Jonathan J. O'Sullivan

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