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Ruth M Hamill
Paul Allen
Mark Auty
Carolina Gómez
André Brodkorb
Joseph P Kerry
Sephora Baugreet



transglutaminase restructured steaks restructured beef steak older consumers microscopy nutritional requirements plant proteins older adults microstructure transglutaminase tgase

Optimisation of plant protein and transglutaminase content in novel beef restructured steaks for older adults by central composite design (2018)

Abstract With the goal of optimising a protein-enriched restructured beef steak targeted at the nutritional and chemosensory requirements of older adults, technological performance of thirty formulations, containing plant-based ingredients, pea protein isolate (PPI), rice protein (RP) and lentil flour (LF) with transglutaminase (TG) to enhance binding of meat pieces, were analysed. Maximal protein content of 28% in cooked product was achieved with PPI, RP and LF. Binding strength was primarily affected by TG, while textural parameters were improved with LF inclusion. Optimal formulation (F) to obtain a protein-enriched steak with lowest hardness values was achieved with TG (2%), PPI (8%), RP (9.35%) and LF (4%). F, F1S (optimal formulation 1 with added seasoning) and control restructured products (not containing plant proteins or seasonings) were scored by 120 consumers' aged over-65 years. Controls were most preferred (P < .05), while F1S were least liked by the older consumers. Consumer testing suggests further refinement and optimisation of restructured products with plant proteins should be undertaken.
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Ruth M Hamill, Paul Allen, Mark Auty, Carolina Gómez, André Brodkorb, Joseph P Kerry, Sephora Baugreet

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