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Marine Functional Foods Research Initiative (NutraMara) (2017)

Abstract Sea Change—A Marine Knowledge, Research & Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007-2013—was launched in early 2007 and was the outcome of extensive analysis and consultation with government departments, state agencies, industry and the third-level sector. It outlines a vision for the development of Ireland’s marine sector and sets clear objectives aimed at achieving this vision, namely to: 1. Assist existing, and largely indigenous, marine sub-sectors to improve their overall competitiveness and engage in activity that adds value to their outputs by utilising knowledge and technology arising from research. 2. Build new research capacity and capability and utilise fundamental knowledge and technology to create new marine-related commercial opportunities and companies. 3. Inform public policy, governance and regulation by applying the knowledge derived from marine research and monitoring. 4. Increase the marine sector’s competitiveness and stimulate the commercialisation of the marine resource in a manner that ensures its sustainability and protects marine biodiversity and ecosystems. 5. Strengthen the economic, social and cultural base of marine dependant regional/rural communities. The Sea Change strategy was developed as an integral part of the government’s Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (SSTI) and the Marine Institute as the lead implementation agency is working within SSTI policy and with government departments and agencies to deliver on the Strategy. The Marine Institute managed Marine Research Sub-Programme, one of eight sub-programmes within the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Programme of the National Development Plan 2007—2013, targets funding to meet the objectives of the Sea Change strategy. Over the lifetime of Sea Change, funding will be provided for: • Project-Based Awards o Strategic Research Projects o Applied Research Projects o Demonstration Projects o Desk/Feasibility Studies • Researcher Awards o Strategic Research Appointments o Research Capacity/Competency Building o Post-Doctoral Fellowships o PhD Scholarships • Industry-Led Research Awards o Company Awards o Collaborative Awards • Infrastructure Awards o Infrastructure Acquisition o Access to Infrastructur
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J. Kerry, E. McSorley, R.J. Fitzgerald, J.V. O’Doherty, D. Stengel, M Johnson, C Stanton, P. Ross, M Hayes, B.K. Tiwari and 1 others

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