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Rory O'Connor
Paul Clarke
Murat Yilmaz
Serhan Olgun



software development systematic review gamification systematic literature review literature review game elements software engineering systematic mapping

A systematic investigation into the use of game elements in the context of software business landscapes: a systematic literature review (2017)

Abstract The software development process is a set of activities to produce software applications that human plays a crucial role. Since it is a people centric activity some obstacles (i.e. user motivation, engagement, communication and collaboration) may occur. Therefore, software business organizations are seeking new productive solutions, try different tools and methods in order to overcome the challenges and improve their software business processes. A lot of researches have been made to increase the quality and enhance the software development process. Along with these innovative research new efficient techniques and concepts offered. As a solution the term gamification or using game elements in non-game contexts have been realized to enhance the software development process and overcome the challenges related to human factors. However, the applicability of the use of game elements in the context of software business landscapes is still controversial issue and not totally proved yet. Many researches and empirical studies have been conducted for the benefits of it and how these game elements affect the quality of software development process. Thus, in this paper a systematic literature review was conducted in order to investigate the application of game elements both in research and industrial levels of software development and as well as in software business landscapes for further research.
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Rory O'Connor, Paul Clarke, Murat Yilmaz, Serhan Olgun

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