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Cathal Gurrin
Frank Hopfgartner
Yang Yang
Hongyi Wang
Jinlin Guo
David Scott


Computer Science

video search global keyframe similarity tablet pc search engine multi modal access visual concept

Clipboard: a visual search and browsing engine for Tablet and PC (2012)

Abstract In this work, we present a handheld video browser that utilizes two methods of search; Concept Search and Keyframe Similarity. Concept Search allows a user to define a query using selected visual concepts and presents the user with a cluster of video segments based on extracted image features using OpponentSIFT. Keyframe Similarity has a dependance on the previous search for input criteria, allowing a user to select a keyframe for similarity search, returning three types of results; local keyframes from the current scene, global shot similarity based on visual features and text similarity of shots, based on frequently occurring words generated from ASR transcripts.
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Cathal Gurrin, Frank Hopfgartner, Yang Yang, Hongyi Wang, Jinlin Guo, David Scott

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