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Cathal Gurrin
Jinlin Guo
Frank Hopfgartner
David Scott


Computer Science

information retrieval expert systems content based systems keyframe ipad video retrieval content based video retrieval mobile device

Evaluating novice and expert users on handheld video retrieval systems (2013)

Abstract Content-based video retrieval systems have been widely associated with desktop environments that are largely complex in nature, targeting expert users and often require complex queries. Due to this complexity, interaction with these systems can be a challenge for regular ”novice” users. In recent years, a shift can be observed from this traditional desktop environment to that of handheld devices, which requires a different approach to interacting with the user. In this paper, we evaluate the performance of a handheld content-based video retrieval system on both expert and novice users. We show that with this type of device, a simple and intuitive interface, which incorporates the principles of content-based systems, though hidden from the user, attains the same accuracy for both novice and desktop users when faced with complex information retrieval tasks. We describe an experiment which utilises the Apple iPad as our handheld medium in which both a group of experts and novice users run the interactive experiments from the 2010 TRECVid Known-Item Search task. The results indicate that a carefully defined interface can equalise the performance of both novice and expert users.
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Cathal Gurrin, Jinlin Guo, Frank Hopfgartner, David Scott

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