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Ricardo Mendoza-Gonzalez
Rory O'Connor
Laura Rodriiguez- Martiinez
Hector Duran-Limon
Manuel Mora
Paola Reyes-Delgado


Computer Science

software aarchitecture design general model of software architecture design mbase software architecture design msf software engineering rup soa sdms rup

The strengths and weaknesses of software architecture design in the RUP, MSF, MBASE and RUP-SOA methodologies: a conceptual review (2016)

Abstract The importance of Software Architecture design has been acknowledged as a very important factor for a high-quality software development. Different efforts in both industry and academia have produced multiple system development methodologies (SDMs) that include SA design activities. In addition, standardization bodies have defined different recommendations regarding Software Architecture design. However, in industry Software Architecture best practices are currently poorly employed. This fact constrains the benefits that industry can potentially obtain from Software Architecture design in software development. In this paper, we analyze the degree to which the four main recognized SDMs – RUP (Rational Unified Process), MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework), MBASE (Model-Based System Architecting and Software Engineering), and RUP-SOA (Rational Unified Process for Service-oriented Architecture) - adhere to the best practices of Software Architecture design. Our analysis points out some of the most important strengths and weakness regarding Software Architecture design and highlights some of the most relevant issues of Software Architecture design that need to be incorporated into such methodologies.
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Ricardo Mendoza-Gonzalez, Rory O'Connor, Laura Rodriiguez- Martiinez, Hector Duran-Limon, Manuel Mora, Paola Reyes-Delgado

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